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Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is a  gentle form of bodywork that supports a regulated nervous system, addresses pain & constriction, and resources us for a fuller expression of health.    

 Please contact Nicola Usher RMT *519-949-3822 or nicola.acalmretreat@gmail.com


Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is a manipulative therapy of the soft tissues of the body, engaging the nervous system and circulatory system to help free restrictions, decrease pain and increase range of motion.  

Please contact Kiersten Lappano RMT *cell 416-817-2032


Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing is a  therapeutic process used to engage the natural responses of the nervous system to release stress and trauma.  

Peter Levine developed this technique over the past 40 years to help remove the barriers of trauma so that we can reconnect to our authentic and present selves.   

Somatic Experiencing can be used to heal from trauma as well as to increase our connection to our body and inner wisdom while we do inner spiritual or psychological work.

Resources for exploration:


Youtube videos by Irene Lyon or Dr. Stephen Porges on the Polyvagal Theory and approach to trauma and stress work.

Please contact Anne-Marie or Nicola with any questions to explore whether SE may be helpful:

* Anne-Marie Lappano SEP  * 519-272-5014 

 email  annemarielappano@hotmail.com

* Nicola Usher  SEP  * 519-949-3822 or  nicola.acalmretreat@gmail.com


Mindful Self-Compassion

Mindful Self-Compassion is a program designed by Kristin Neff PhD and 

Chris Germer PhD as a way to cultivate skills in developing emotional resilience.  Mindfulness teaches us the skills to notice and be present to the difficulties we experience in life, and self-compassion increases our capacity to respond to our own emotional needs as well as to be more fully present to others in their difficulties.  (Next 9-week program begins March 2020)

Resources for exploration:




Please contact Nicola Usher *519-949-3822 or  nicola.acalmretreat@gmail.com


Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction / Spiritual Companioning offers deep listening and support for us to connect more fully with our inner wisdom and authentic self on our spiritual path.   

Spiritual direction sessions can be a place to explore developing spiritual practices like meditation, prayer, self-care, body movement, discernment – all in service of deepening in awareness and developing a conscious presence.   

People of all faith traditions & spiritual expressions are welcome as we explore the wonderings & knowings along your unique spiritual journey.  

Resources for more about Spiritual Direction: 



Please contact Nicola Usher *519-949-3822 or  nicola.acalmretret@gmail.com