Spiritual Companionship with Nicola Usher

An invitation to keep front & centre our soul's longings & knowings as we each walk our unique spiritual path....


Spiritual Direction is the name most commonly recognized for a companion who listens to, and supports us as we navigate & explore our spiritual path.  Another term could be Spiritual Companion, or the Irish poet & author John O'Donohue calls the person a soul friend or Anam Cara from the Celtic tradition of spirituality. 

From the Spiritual Directions International website here are some reasons to see a spiritual director:

  • They offer deep listening which helps people find and follow their own spiritual path
  • They ask insightful, open-ended questions that help people connect with their authentic selves
  • They allow space for stillness and silence (contemplation) to help people become aware of what is deep within them
  • They build trust and openness by being authentic, kind and open themselves
  • They do not proselytize, nor seek to influence or convince, but instead walk alongside people as they make their individual and unique spiritual journeys
  • They honor the free will and discernment of each human being, especially in spiritual matters
  • They offer a mirror to those they companion so they may see themselves as whole beings if they so choose
  • They help the people they accompany create a stronger relationship with self and others and God, or however they refer to the ground of all being.

An embodied approach


We are familiar with searching for answers with our thinking mind as a starting point, but this can limit access to deeper wisdom preventing us from tapping into guidance that comes to us through the body.  My approach is to help bring attunement to the body through contemplative listening to sensations, emotions, images, impressions, knowings that come from within.  This can be done seated or through contemplative bodywork which is a gentle hands-on form of support that connects us with guiding insights and a felt-sense of peace.

Placing ourselves in the big picture


As we do one to one spiritual direction, it allows us to connect with and nourish ourselves with what is meaningful to us so that we can be more present as we take our place in the world.

This frees us to be part of a greater flow that we do not have to self-propel as we contribute to a healthier planet together.

The cost of a Spiritual Direction session is $80

Contact Nicola Usher * 519-949-3822 or email nicola@acalmretreat.com