Massage Therapy

Kiersten Lappano RMT

Kiersten uses a variety of techniques including deep tissue massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, lymphatic drainage and general Swedish massage in order to customize each treatment based on her client’s individual needs. Kiersten encourages her clients to get to know their body’s through her prescribed self-care and believes in the importance of empowering clients to actively participate in their own health and wellbeing. 

Kiersten has worked with patients and families at Princess Margaret Hospital’s Palliative Care Unit as well as those within the High Risk Obstetrics and Post Partum Units at Sunnybrook Hospital. 

Kiersten is also a trained Doula and can work with you and your partner through all stages of pregnancy, birth and post partum. 

Kiersten remains active through her dedicated yoga practice as well as strength training both of which continue to expand her knowledge of muscle function and wellness. Throughout her career she has worked with a number of athletes treating different sports related injuries as well as the maintenance of their general muscle health.  

Kiersten has incorporated mindfulness meditation into her daily life for the past 5 years and truly believes in the profound connection between the body, mind and soul and is dedicated to helping you achieve balance of all three. Through her massage therapy treatments, Kiersten can assist you in reconnecting with your body and provide you with relief from physical and emotional tension, giving you a greater sense of overall wellbeing. 

Please contact Kiersten Lappano RMT 

on her cell phone at 416-817-2032